Jessica H Stone

Jessica H. Stone

“Except for the sunscreen we were naked.”

From:  Before the Storm  in
Memory into Memoir: An Anthology 2016

Jessica H. Stone enjoys all boats, all dogs, most cats, and
Bellingham. As an avid blue water sailor, she and her Border
collie, Kip McSnip, cruised the Caribbean, navigated Puget
Sound, sailed the Mexican coast, wandered the Sea of Cortez,
and crossed the South Pacific Ocean. Jes is the author of the
best-selling book, Doggy on Deck: Life at Sea with a Salty Dog.
Her recent release, How to Retire on a Boat, helps others to
fall in love, as she has, with the sea and with life aboard. Her
novel, The Last Outrageous Woman, won First Place in Women’s
Literature, the Somerset Award, 2014 Chanticleer Reviews.
When she’s not sailing she writes in a cottage by the sea.